They had something in common with America-hating leftists of today, I just can’t quite place it.

In any case, these commie spies were executed in America back when we knew how to deal with traitors.  But the left can’t give up their cause, even as the magnitude and proof of their treachery was laid bare when the Soviet Archives were opened in the early 90s.  Indeed, not only are they defended, but Ethel Rosenberg was honored this week in New York City for her “great bravery.”

Don’t accept any leftist judgments about anything.  These people have defended America’s enemies in yesteryear, want to destroy our moral values and ethnic cohesion today, and these same enemies of normalcy are now running the show.  In the past, it was fight the power.  Now, we’re commanded to respect the president, who has no respect for our people or our traditions.  Indeed, our erstwhile enemies have rediscovered Christianityfulfilling the promise of Our Lady of Fatima–even as we have banished it even further from public life.  Or rather, they have banished it.

File this under “not my country anymore.”

Pope Visit

I have to say, I was completely nonplussed by the Pope’s visit, and feel no particular affection or connection to this Pope.  He’s the head of the Church, and I believe the Holy Spirit protects him from error, but just as I don’t have a special place in my heart for the Borgia Popes, I don’t feel the need to get all gaga over this one, whom I hope is the last gasp of Vatican II wishy-washiness.

The world has gone kind of nuts.  I wish Republicans would remember the Cold War is over, Communism is no longer the defining principle of Russian politics, and that they are a powerful country we can do business with and have common interests with, even though we won’t always agree.  And in Syria they are on the side of a more sensible and sustainable policy.  Who is the evil empire now?!?

Everyone in the GOP is obsessed with the Benghazi attacks, but it is the entire Libya intervention and the thinking behind it–George W style attempts to create instability to foster democracy by toppling stable dictators–that is discredited.  And we have attempted that in Syria, nearly bombing Assad two years ago, and now reaping what we sow as ISIS has exploded beyond our means to control them.

Putin so clearly has the better argument here:

“For the Kremlin, it means restoring enough stability to Syria to win acceptance of an expanded role for Russia in the Middle East — not to speak of its expanded military presence. Such a development, in the Kremlin’s view, would also validate Mr. Putin’s contention that toppling authoritarian governments in the Middle East has led only to chaos and sanctuaries for terrorists.

“Mr. Putin, who was making his first appearance at the United Nations General Assembly in 10 years, was openly dismissive of the United States’ interventions in the Middle East. The United States-led effort to oust Saddam Hussein in Iraq and Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi in Libya, he said, had made each country a haven for terrorists.”

“And the Obama administration’s attempts to train and equip a moderate Syrian opposition would end up swelling the ranks of Islamic radicals, Mr. Putin insisted.”

The Education Bubble is driven by a combination of cheap money and second-best tests for IQ, stamina, work ethic, etc. that translate into talent and employment success.  The institutional resistance and legal obstacles to the use of IQ tests has a lot to do with this phenomenon.  Now, certain employers are starting to realize how they should just test for talent, rather than relying on our increasingly unserious, expensive, and mind-numbing exercises in credentialism that masquerade as true education.

I predict we have reached the high water mark of education being a synonym for respectability and talent, and that in 20 or 30 years, rates of attendance and matriculation will be much lower.  And society will be better off!

Lots of GOP leaders and activists are panicking, as they should.  The party is completely out of touch and contemptuous of its base and its concerns.  Trump is a bit ridiculous and prickly and egotistical.  But he’s also got some charisma, effective rhetoric, and an effective tone.  What he is tapping into is something I wrote about in March of 2013, namely, that nationalism of some kind and acknowledging our deep divide with Wall Street is the most healthy and natural path for conservatives and the GOP to remain relevant and win elections:

I have suggested a revamped Republican party should trend nationalistic, abandoning its ideology of free trade, militarism, and uncritical support of big business, in favor of a genuine concern for the working, productive classes who face predations from a motley crew of the super poor, the super rich, idiotic campaigns of nation building abroad, and hostile newcomers at home. If not the GOP, then a new party might fill this space. The GOP appears finished if it follows the idiotic counsel [of moderation] coming from the RNC’s pathologists.

Liberalism renders our country mad.  Literally.  It moves intelligent people to embrace suicidal craziness.  On 9/11, 19 hijackers from the Middle East, let in on tourist visas with minimal scrutiny, undertook the murderous attacks.  Today we’re talking about letting in 10,000 refugees from Syria, many of whom are young men.  Syria is in the mist of a three way war, of which two factions–Assad and ISIS–are hostile to the US, and vice versa.  The third faction, the so-called moderate opposition, is practically non-existent.  Even they are not-so-moderate, as al Nusra, an al Qaeda affiliate, is their main fighting force.

Let’s not forget that the Boston Bombers were Chechen “refugees.”  We did not start this war in Syria, we cannot stop it, and we have no moral or other responsibility to the refugees.  We certainly do not need to risk the lives of ordinary Americans to show our bona fides.  

The best way to honor the dead of 9/11 is to prevent such an attack from ever happening again.  And the most surefire way to do that is to keep additional Muslims and Arabs from entering our country, deporting those here illegally, and monitoring closely those who remain.  While most are obviously peaceful people fleeing for their lives or simply seeking a better life, we cannot easily tell who is who, and the benefit to our country from their entry is nearly nonexistent.

Europe is in midst of a terrible refugee crisis, mostly from the Middle East.  The endemic poverty of the region has much to do with it, but Europe and America too bear some of the blame. Bashar al Assad ruled Syria with relative peace and stability until Western-supported protest movements made it his way.  Europe led the way on Libya, stood aside when Mubarak was in the dock in Egypt, and the US nearly went on a bombing campaign against Assad in Syria, and even now supports anti-government rebels (even while we fight the anti-government ISIS fighters).

In all these cases, we have unleashed the unpredictable forces of disorder, the negative consequences of which should have been apparent from the state of Iraq after our intervention.  Libya under Khaddafi, Egypt under Mubarak, and Iraq under Saddam would all be better off–both for us and for their own people–than the current anarchy that the West has encouraged and in some cases created in the name of freedom and liberation.

There is something like cause and effect in this world.  And here the cause is the West, its leaders, and their infantile pretensions of liberation and democracy.  The effect is chaos, terrorism, refugee crises, Islamist democracy, street fighting in Hungary, and dead kids washing up on European beaches.

In any case, societies have a carrying capacity and, now, regardless of the cause, there is no good reason for Europe or America to destroy themselves in the name of humanitarian compassion.  Their own societies will be irretrievably damage din the process, and there is no realistic way to undo the continual flow of such refugees due to the endemic problems and huge numbers of disaffected people in other countries. Indeed, simply rewarding those who by hook or by crook manage to get in the gate is the most irrational and unreasonable policy of all, not least because it guarantees more of the same.  It is not a realistic policy for Europe or any of the well-governed and stable parts of the world to absorb the victims of instability, because, indeed, they are also frequently its cause.


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