Legal immigrant (i.e., Dreamer status) with criminal record Jesus Deniz Mendoza guns down Good Samaritan family.  It’s hard to imagine a worse kind of crime.  It’s the mirror image of a Dylann Roof, a betrayal of hospitality and a horror inflicted on the most decent and innocent.

FBI has instructed law enforcement to follow a gag order.  That itself should be disturbing.

Don’t expect any Hollywood or media types to call for pulling down Mexican flags that are so ubiquitous in the Mexican neighborhoods around the US.  Instead, this will be a “wrong place, wrong time,” non-event, in spite of its barbarity, and in spite of the fact that, like all illegal alien crime, could be easily prevented by mass deportations and intolerance for illegal aliens.

This can do nothing but help the Trump campaign and expose the duplicity and moral emptiness of the GOP establishment.  Indeed, Bernie Sanders is more solid than Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio on this issue.  Think about that.

You know, a ten sided ethnic civil war?  Anti-Gnostic notes rather intelligently the following:

It’s hilariously under-remarked how old and white the Democratic party leadership is. The old fossils have gone all in on ethnic identity politics despite the fact that they’re still spouting all that classical Marxism from their college classes about the poor chimney sweeps, the pipefitters’ union, the right of affluent white women to not have children and work at high-octane corporate jobs, etc. QED, those old bromides will come across as pretty stale as the party shifts towards pure redistributive justice for its constituent ethnic tribes. That is why the pundits are hoping and praying that the nice old WASP lady in the pants suit wins the nomination, to postpone the circular firing squad about to break out on the Left.

As the author notes, the Republican Party must trend more self-consciously nationalist, or it will disappear.  Otherwise, it is engaged in the so-far-very-unsuccesful tactic of just being a little less liberal and a little more pro-business than the alternative, when its core voters are worried about the literal complexion of their neighborhoods, and their mores, folkways, habits, values, etc.

I have periodically done a collection of what I consider my better material, such as here and here.  I haven’t done one in a while so, for newcomers in particular, I have compiled what I consider some of my more interesting and enduring entries over the last five years. I hope you enjoy.  I truly appreciate everyone who takes the time to read, comment, and support this blog.  For conservatives, it is becoming a real time in the wilderness, so one small contribution I have tried to make here is to let conservatives know that they are not alone and to give them intellectual ammunition with which to defend common sense and basic decency.

Military and Foreign Policy



Jihad Attack

Lots of soul searching in media on how to prevent these attacks such as the one in Chatanooga. Here’s an idea: don’t let these people in the country. More trouble than they’re worth. And, oh yeah, give the recruiters some firearms. After all they’re all trained in how to use them.

How sad to think some of these guys survived deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan only to be killed by one of these Jihadists here at home. The whole event is a testament to the deadly consequences of political correctness and a colossal failure of imagination to leave these posts disarmed.

Anyway if Osama bin Laden had a son he’d look like this guy and every third person we let into the country at JFK.

The NAACP has called for the destruction of the Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial Carving, a large bas-relief sculpture of Confederate leaders Jefferson Davis, as well as Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson, because it is a racist symbol of “white supremacy” (and to give any white people that  have any pride left the middle finger).

In 2001, the Taliban destroyed the Bamiyan Buddha statues, because they were deemed idols unacceptable under Sharia Law (and to give the western world that cared about such things the middle finger).

A woman ahead of his time.

If only he had stayed on into  2015, Corporal Klinger would be honored as a heroic pathfinder for a military that is making room for supposedly tens of thousands of “transgendered” members.  Probably more like a few hundred of the most serious mentally ill, but who really knows.  This is a true story.  Check the link.

Anyway, the US military has not won a war in a long time and instead spends its energies on bloated weapons programs and outdoing itself to embrace the transient ideological goals of the administration and the leftist hivemind, such as gay rights and feminism.  Facts be damned!

It is all totally pathetic and bizarre.  A disgraceful self-humiliation of an institution that has an important job to do. An institution I spent a good part of my youth holding on a very high pedestal.  But, like the Constitution I also once revered, it’s now more and more coextensive with an anti-American counter-culture regime, and the military’s native trajectory–manliness, courage, teamwork, moral straightness–is anathema to the regime and its leaders’ values.

Like Stalin’s Soviet Union, we’ll see accelerated purges of those “wreckers” who won’t embrace this latest fad with sufficient ardor. Indeed, members of the protected classes will find themselves put out along with the hated white males, simply for speaking the truth or trying to keep standards high.  They’ll be given short shrift, just like the poor Kulaks and erstwhile leaders that were thrown out along with the aristocrats in the Soviet Union.  The only thing that matters now to the regime and its thoroughly servile deputies is ideological correctness.

Pretty soon they’ll be putting commissars out in the ranks; after all, they learned how to impose revolutionary change from the best (and in many cases are descended from them).  It’s more and more necessary to study how to survive and maintain one’s integrity in a hostile system.  We can look to the early Christians, the martyrs of Mexico’s Cristeros War, and the dissidents of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact for inspiration and tactics.  We already need them both.

A home is most Americans’ biggest investment.  It is a place of refuge, a hedge against economic insecurity, a place to raise a family, and the place where one spends a significant amount of free time.  A man’s home is his castle.  Most people pick a home not just based on its physical features, but for other important factors, such as the safety of the neighborhood, the similarity of one’s neighbors, and the quality of schools.  Those things affect not only the economic value of a home, but whether one will continue to and enjoy remaining a homeowner in a particular place.

Social engineers could care less about that and, indeed, consider those factors part of the “structures of oppression and privilege.”  For them, your home is a movable pawn in their game of social engineering.  You will be forced to associate with people whom you have tried to avoid, and the economic impact, the impact on your children’s schools, and the impact on your safety are all features of this scheme.  You get the “benefits” of diversity.  All the while, they sneer in contempt of the “lily white” suburbs, barely masking their racial animus.

Through the artifacts of county lines and independent school districts, most safety-oriented whites have fled the inner cities. Indeed, so have many of the more responsible cohorts of other races. The style of life, safety, and demographics of the suburbs are very different from the majority-minority inner cities.  People work.  Marriages stay together.  Streets and public spaces are clean and orderly.  People expect law biding behavior and have no tolerance for the criminal class. This is not a fluke; these demographic differences make the suburbs desirable, particularly for families with children.

Most whites are in denial, or at least a little embarrassed, about what they’re doing and why. The minorities they know–from work or the military or even among their neighbors–who act like them are treated like everyone else and are well liked.  It’s . . . just . . . that so many of them don’t act this way, and when they move (or are moved) into the neighborhood, its character changes.  If they mention this, it is only to close family members and friends, and said in a hushed tone, with lots of caveats owing to whites’ natural fair-mindedness and natural aversion to “tribal” thinking.  So they say they like the “safety” of the neighborhoods and the fact they have “good schools.”  Unfortunately, fair mindedness aside, these amenities will not be allowed to last.  The recent Supreme Court ruling on the “disparate impact” rule regarding housing discrimination will make everything up for grabs. What, no Section 8 apartments?  Fines and a consent decree for your nonconformist neighborhood. And, for whatever the Plaintiff’s lawyers do not accomplish, the Obama administration is promising its own campaign to give suburbs the “benefits” of diversity and affordable housing by forcibly putting them into the once-locally-controlled communities.  For some reason, I think well healed members of the ruling class will find a way to weasel out of these things, as they already do when they live in urban areas.  But for the struggling middle class and their hated lifestyle in the suburbs, it’s open season.

When this occurred, in urban areas, the impact of which was accelerated by forced integration, whites moved out from the cities en masse, and crime and disorder ruled the day in the urban cores.  This has led to complete meltdowns of cities like Detroit and large scale “no go” zones in cities like Chicago, DC, Boston, and New York.  That modest degree of self-defense achieved at great expense will now be undone in the name of justice and diversity.  The only refuge will be far flung places like Vermont and Idaho where for various historical reasons, the population is mostly made up of white Americans. And, even there, they may find themselves dumping grounds for alien refugees, as once peaceful Minnesota and Wausau, Wisconsin have discovered.

The big social issues are not irrelevant.  Things like the brazen insults to Christian groups and the forced imposition of gay marriage on the voters of 31 states who amended their constitutions to stop it is a reminder to ordinary Americans that they have no power and get no respect from the ruling class. But these kinds of assaults occur in parallel with real “bread and butter” issues that directly affect their lives:  racial agitation leading to riots and crimes, lackadaisical immigration enforcement that leads to lower performing schools and increased alienation from their neighbors, and forced association with people whom one otherwise tries to avoid.

This anti-white social engineering will lead to a kind of revolt and willful noncompliance by a group sick of being pushed around and rendered unable to carve out spaces of their own, or it will lead to their complete suppression and subordination to the new ruling class and their client groups. The social engineering is rendering alternatives impossible, and this matter is very much coming to a crisis point.


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