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In their alienation from reality and other conservatives, the extremism of the far right is now reaching comic proportions.  I knew some people had come off the rails when someone over at Takimag.com called the founding fathers “neoconservatives.”  Now the paleoconservative flagship publication, Chronicles, is publishing in Spanish as some kind of outreach measure.

I was attracted to paleoconservatism around 1992 because of the small government, nationalist campaign of Pat Buchanan against George H. W. Bush.  Buchanan emphasized national independence, limited government, preserving our historical identity, a more restrained foreign policy, cultural and race realism, and an economic approach that empahsized preserving our strategic position and the good of the country as a whole, including our working class. His thinking was devoid of the shallow idealistic formulae of conventional conservatives and libertartarians, and it remains so.

Now, out of frustration with the Iraq War, too many on the far right are losing their marbles, disdaining the coalition-building that they must participate in to achieve anything practical along with disdaining the other requirements of realism in matters political, such as some respect for the necessity of a measured pace.  I may have to change my blog’s subtitle lest I be confused with these crazy, unpatriotic losers.


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Dr. Trifkovic, whose reporting and analysis on the Serbian question has been excellent, details the diplomatic fumbles, evasions, and outright lies that led the West to gang up on Serbia and the Bosnian Serbs in the mid-90s. 

Karadzic’s arrest is the finale of this thoroughly misguided affair.  Like most examples of victor’s justice, its only long-term effect will be to give the Serbs another proof of the West’s bad faith, while whetting the Bosnians (and their supporters) appetite for revenge. 

With terrorist Hashim Thaci running the show in Kosovo and Nasir Oric acquitted by the Hague just  this month, it’s clear that the Hague Tribunal is just a NATO-led anti-Serbian operation by another name.  This policy is at obvious cross purposes with the war against al Qaeda and the need for a united Europe and West in the face of Islamic extremism. 

The West’s elites’ perrenial Russophobia has been the biggest reason this fight against al Qaeda and its allies has been so long, drawn out, and fraught with resistance. The fight against Serbia and the constant criticism of Russia are examples of an unnecessary “two front war” against both the Islamic and Orthodox world, even though our cultural similarities and interests in the Middle East are nearly the same as our Orthodox brothers and sisters.  As children are murdered in Beslan and Kosovo, we are destroying the perpetrators camps in the hills of Afghanistan and the deserts of Iraq, even while giving them nation-states in the heart of Europe.

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