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I attempted to go to a Health Care Town Hall today with my radical local congressman, Alan Grayson.  What a joke.  It was held in a tiny union hall that held about 120 people.  The event was announced only a day before.  Still, around 1,000 people showed up.  Prior to the public meeting, a local Democratic Committee meeting was held.  About 70 of the seats were already filled when it was opened to the public.  Some of the “no” questioners asked things like, “You changed my mind.  Why can’t everyone realize how great this is?”  It was a farce.

The crowd waiting hopelessly to get in was large and varied and mostly against the bill.  It was fairly diverse and a bit younger on average than I expected.  A few supporters were there, apparently members of college Democrats, union folks,  ACORN members, and a few random supporters.  A large cohort of opponents were there, though, perhaps three fourths of the attendees.

The few I spoke to showed up after hearing it on the news.   Many had home-made signs, including a pretty funny one that said, “Don’t Kill Granny.”  Many opponents’ signs said, “Read the Bill.”  People were generally well behaved, but there was a little bit of shouting, particularly when we all realized how full the hall was and how impossible it would be to get in.  People spoke to their neighbors in line, mostly in fear of the bill, expressing concern for declining quality, euthanasia, abortion, and their elderly relatives being deprived of care.  A great many people were worried about government spending and our loss of freedom.  His strategic choice of a friendly and tiny venue was almost universally reviled as a cowardly gesture.

Grayson is a radical who snuck into Congress on the reverse coat-tails of local mediocrity, Ric Keller.  He is a trial lawyer in the back pockets of ATLA and has proposed “free vacation” and other feel-good giveaways.  I hope his embrace of Obamacare is his Waterloo.  It was encouraging to see so many opponents asking generally intelligent questions and showing fear and outrage at the prospect of a significant growth in government and government’s role in our lives.

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