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In the recent past, economic dislocation led to a flight to quality and Euro/Yen/Foreign problems led to dollar rallies.  The recent Greek crisis, however, has led to a huge gold rally.  The dollar is anemic.  And why?  Well, (a) the federal reserve is secretly and not so secretly helping out Europe to prevent a domino effect and (b) America shares all the same structural defects that have hurt Greece:  overly generous social programs, too much debt, a decline in productivity and manufacturing, and lower skills and work ethic across the board.  So, as a consequence, while the Euro has dropped to about $1.26, Gold has skyrocketed to $1240 this week.

Gold is the last refuge of wealth as paper wealth disappears.  The fact that so much smart money is headed that way is the most worrisome development of recent times.

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Oswald Spengler wrote in the Decline of the West about the “revolution within the form.”  In such circumstances, things appear to be what they always were.  They have the same names–nations, parliaments, cultures–but their essence is fundamentally changed, like the farce that was the Roman Senate under the Emperors.   Rick Darby of Reflecting Light describes this sad phenomenon brilliantly with regard to the now decadent entity that is Europe:

Old Europe died in 1945. A lot of it was physically destroyed, but buildings can be rebuilt, and in fact some have been re-created exactly as they were before the bombs struck. But Europe’s sense of itself, its individual nationhoods, its links with a past going back to the Roman empire, are gone.

What passes for Europe now is generic and technology-minded, its so-called leaders agreed on only one thing: that its indigenous citizens are cursed with a terrible past best left behind as quickly as possible. The quickest way is population replacement. And the Third World, especially Islamic, is happy to abandon their wretched homelands for Europe’s pleasure garden. But not to abandon the tribalism and belief systems that messed up their states of origin.

The New Europe is to be, officially, anything and nothing. Unofficially, in reality, its future is Islam unless the tide is turned soon.

This indeed is the great swindle of liberalism.  An entire continent exchanges its faith and its ethnic integrity for what? Microwave ovens and the ever-receding goal of forgiveness from the gods of political correctness?  It’s a depressing situation, a crime really, and one where the chief perpetrators will escape punishment.

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Apparently, Obama made a lot of friends at the G-20 summit, not least through his conciliatory speech that recognized America’s arrogance in the form of unilateral policies on the War on Terror. And what did it garner? Massive troop commitments to fight al Qaeda? Unanimity in the face of North Korea’s provocative long range missile test? A Russian commitment to withdraw from South Ossetia? No, nothing at all, just some words of congratulation with the usual pusilaniminousness about anything that might actually require Europe to behave like a normal collection of strong nations, rather than a bunch of spoiled welfare cases living under the American security umbrella.

I would add that Obama’s idea we need a “civilian surge” in Afghanistan, an idea that appeals to peaceniks and Europeans alike, suffers from the same problem that Iraq labored under in 2004-2007: without real security, nothing of note can really be accomplished by civilian advisors and, even if some combination of military and civilian nation-building ultimately is successful, it may be overkill if the chief U.S. interest is stopping terrorists from organizing and training in a manner capable of doing harm to the civilized world.

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They just had a big ol’ bash for Nelson Mandela’s birthday in the UK. Will Smith, Annie Lennox, and even crackhead Amy Winehouse made an appearance. Nelson Mandela, of course, is a terrorist who fought long and hard for majority rule in South Africa. He spent many years in jail for a real terrorist crime: attempted sabotage of trains in South Africa with bombs. He and the ANC movement ultimately succeeded, and South Africa has since gone down the tubes with out-of-control violence, rape, economic troubles, and overall chaos.

You would not know about this somber reality from the happy celebration in Europe. Much of the anti-Apartheid movement there was part of a broader and rather extravagant exercise in self-loathing. Nationalism was deemed the origin of the two very terrible World Wars, and it too was the root of colonialism. Colonialism undoubtedly had many evils attached to it, though in practice it varied quite widely from place to place, and those evils should be compared with the evils that preceded European rule or followed in the restoration of majority rule.

After abandoning their colonial empires out of necessity, Europeans in the 60s had little to feel guilty about. So after condemning their parents–about whom they could do very little–they set about an orgy of condemnation of the small number of whites still living in Africa. They labeled them as the apotheosis of evil and treated them far more shabbily than the far more murderous Soviet Union and friends.

Europe swiftly threw Rhodesia and South Africa in front of the bus in the 70s and 80s, while saying little about the mass murder of fellow Europeans in Hungary (1956) and the Czech Republic (1968). It’s very easy to be generous with the lives and fortunes of people that are distant from you. The European indifference to the problems of majority rule in Africa is akin to the American liberal indifference to the problems working-class whites face on such issues as school bussing or gun control. Liberal policymakers send their kids to fancy private schools and live in well-protected high rises and gated communities. Yet their co-ethnics with far less wealth must deal with race riots in high school and out-of-control crime enabled by misplaced compassion. The way Europe has treated European settlers in Algeria, Rhodesia, and South Africa is the same phenomenon: costless “charity” with other people’s lives. It’s an opportunity for irresponsible self-satisfaction, self-condemnation, and other ugly practices.

Looking for dragons to slay, the Europeans also opened the floodgates to mass immigration from their former colonies in the 60s. What began as a trickle is now a raging torrent. From the murder of Theo Van Goth and Pim Fortuyn to the Paris riots of 2006 and the all-too-frequent “honor killings” on the streets of Britain, unease has grown into real fright and despair.

What should the leaders who brought about this doomed course do? Surely they won’t talk straight about what’s happened and what needs to change going forward. Better to forget and celebrate the likes of Nelson Mandela, whose black-ruled South Africa has predictably emerged as failed state replete with corruption, disorder, and all of the other traits of Africa as a whole.  Minority rule coupled with prosperity and order has been replaced by failure on every mark of good governance save one, majority rule, which is cold comfort to people murdered in their beds by thugs.

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The next time someone asks rhetorically, “How could things possibly get worse?” consider the unfortunate history of the Russians after their revolution, as recounted by a knowledgable commenter over at Takimag:

First, we should consider the possibility that responsibility for the crimes of Communism can be traced to a Russian penchant for oppression.  However, the tsarist regime of terror against which the Bolsheviks fought pales in comparison with the horrors committed by the Bolsheviks when they took power.  The tsar allowed political prisoners to face a meaningful justice system.  The counsel for the defendant could represent his client up to the time of indictment and even beyond, and he could also appeal to national and international public opinion, an option unavailable under Communist regimes.  Prisoners and convicts benefited from a set of rules governing the prisons, and the system of imprisonment and deportation was relatively lenient.  Those who were deported could take their families, read and write as they pleased, go hunting and fishing, and talk about their “misfortune” with their companions.  Lenin and Stalin had firsthand experience of this.  Even the events described by Fyodor Dostoevsky in Memoirs from the House of the Dead, which had a great impact when it was published, seem tame by comparison with the horrors of Communism.  True, riots and insurrections were brutally crushed by the ancien regime.  However, from 1825 to 1917 the total number of people sentenced to death in Russia for their political beliefs or activities was 6,360, of whom only 3,932 were executed.  This number can be subdivided chronologically into 191 for the years 1825-1905 and 3,741 for 1906-1910.  These figures were surpassed by the Bolsheviks in March 1918 after they had been in power for only four months.  It follows that tsarist repression was not in the same league as Communist dictatorship.

We should always ask how broadly does a regime define its enemies.  If it is specific plotters and agitators, then the class of people treated badly (and treated so badly as to constitute injustice) is modest.  Most people have neither the time nor the courage to resist the established powers.  If the enemy is Kulaks, property owners, capitalists, and “enemies of the people,” then millions are in the crosshairs of power, as we witnessed under the Bolsheviks.

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Europe is dying. Its people have lost their religion. Consequently, Europe’s people are getting older, having fewer children, and are indifferent to the future.  Europe’s Muslim working classes, however, are as religious as ever. They are having large families. They’re getting the best of both worlds by taking advantage of western education and industry, while maintaining ties to the “old country” through arranged marriages and inexpensive travel. Europe is being colonized, and its elites think that this is a good thing, proof of their tolerance and also an atonment for European evils like colonialism and the Holocaust.

Forcing Serbia to relinquish Kosovo is a template of the future. European Christians must learn: your nations do not matter, and what remains of your religion is only an ideology that leads to violence and elitism. John Zmirak (a Croat) perceptively explains this deeper motive behind western hostility to Serbia at the website, Taki’s Top Drawer:

Why did the Western powers so enthusiastically support the attack? In part, because it let them off the hook. The better sort of European remembered some real atrocities committed by ethnic Serbs (although they were far from the only ones) in Bosnia. But there was something more going on. The Europeans were enacting a little drama in their heads, acting out a mystery play intended to teach a lesson to their descendants: The lesson was “You will never act like this. You will not resist. When the Moslems come to power, you will go quietly and cooperate.” The French, the English, the Germans who endorsed America’s attack had admitted that the lights of their societies would soon go out, and they were quietly setting the timer.

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