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I wrote way back when that Obama’s insecurities about his identity and deference to his party’s left, in particular on “black issues,” may be his undoing. It will radicalize conservatives. And it will be out of touch with the moderates whom he must court to remain effective and get reelected.

So why might Obama say something like what’s below?  It seems politically suicidal, positioning him with all the grievance mongers and scab-pickers like Al Sharpton, Sheila Jackson Lee, John Conyers, and the whole rest of that useless group of flatterers.

Could it be because he heard this kind of nonsense for 20 years and really believes it?

As when the reality of his church was revealed, Obama must again be asked and again explain:  who is the real Barack Obama?  Is he the postracial healer?  Or is he the “race man” who is simply a more effective Jesse Jackson that aims to help his group because of group and tribal loyalty and has little interest in the country’s welfare as a whole?

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Obama has decided to weigh in on a local law enforcement matter in great detail.

I am loving this incident. And I think it shows what we all should have figured out about Obama during the election: in a contest between justice, reasonableness, and the public interest and the pet issues of the “black community,” he will always choose the latter. Why? Because he’s insecure in his blackness, and his choice of being “all black” is an important identity issue for him. It’s why he chose his wife. It’s why he moved to Chicago. It’s why he was a community organizer. It’s what he wrote about in his first book. It’s why he doesn’t say he’s “biracial.” And it’s why he went to that cauldron of anti-white and anti-American hate called Trinity Church for nearly 20 years. I imagine it stung him deeply when, in spite of being visibly black, to have guys like Bobby Rush or other locals he campaigned among say, “who is this white-talking Harvard boy.”

He’s never recovered.

More secure blacks like Bill Cosby or local columnist Darrell Owens feel more comfortable in deviating from the black conventional wisdom. Obama’s never done this wholeheartedly, and this was obvious when he dropped the rhetoric of post-racialism in his campaign and went down to the 2008 Sharpton/Jackson organized protest in favor of the Jena Six during the primaries.

Police work is hard work with lots of competing interests. There’s no doubt they sometimes make mistakes. Obama’s problem, and the problem of every major black leader in America today, is that they continue to side with the crooks instead of giving the cops some latitude whenever the crooks are black.

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