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America is becoming a land where ethnic spoils are openly sought by different minority groups.  I wrote less than one month ago :  Non-white races and victim groups are considered real, vital, and worthy of self-identification.  Tribal loyalties among these groups are perfectly permissible, as are bids for group power and group rights. This is a natural instinct and not unjust per se.  White men, however, must continue to abide by the older American ideal of individualism and individual judgment about the merit of others, whether in voting, on the job, or otherwise.  To ask the formerly disenfranchised groups to abide by this same standard of justice is simply too much to ask.  It’s “their turn.” As a consequence, we have an approach to inherited identity that amounts to unilateral disarmament by the majority.  Everyone can think tribally and seek out group interests except for the historical majority and its elites.

So consider the response of Hispanic leaders to Hillary’s firing of her lovely, though ineffective, campaign manager, Solis Doyle: 

“Apparently, loyalty is not a two-way street,” [Steven Ybarra] wrote. “Latino superdelegates like myself . . . will have cause to pause.”

Ybarra told The Post yesterday that the loss of Solis Doyle, a child of Mexican immigrants, just weeks before the Texas primary, where 36 percent of the population is Hispanic, was “dumb as a stump.” 

New York Assemblyman Ruben Diaz writes:

It is hard to understand how the Hispanic community that has been there to keep your campaign alive could remain in your corner when the first Hispanic woman to serve as your presidential campaign manager has resigned from her post.

Ace serves up all the goodies in his post on the subject. 

It should be obvious that for Hispanics, as with most constituents of the Democratic Party, politics and life are chiefly about the good of the tribe, the respect due to the tribe, and, broadly speaking “pay back.”  From these quotes, it is clear that there is essentially no sense of a standard outside of tribal spoils with which to these people judge hiring, firing, and other decisions of consequence.

Whether it’s the percentage of people in jail, how many immigrants are let into the country, or whom to vote for, the issue is not decided by individuals weighing the pros and cons based on familial and personal interests, but rather these decisions are made en masse based on the impact and symbolism of these decisions on the tribe as a whole.  While tribalism is somewhat primitive, contrary to the values of global capitalism, and contrary to the individualist ideals of America’s past, it is fast becoming time that whites, including elite whites, must identify tribally out of sheer necessity. We’ve let tribal peoples into this country in massive numbers, now, instead of playing the magnaminous hosts welcoming our guests, we’re being reduced to the degraded condition of one more tribe that must look out for “number one.”  This is far from ideal, but living in a fantasyland where we can avoid tribal thinking is a sure recipe for being oppressed by groups more organized and self-confident, in addition to being increasingly more numerous.


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I often find libertarian defenses of mass immigration have an air of unreality.  Skill sets, the ability to assimilate, the American ideal, the good of the economy, and the like are all very interesting qualities standing alone, but the real impact of mass immigration comes from the numbers.

Lots of immigrants are coming.  Even if they were all Europeans, by nature more assimilable, the sheer amount of immigrants would be troubling.  But these immigrants are overwhelmingly from the Third World. Their demographics are a deliberate byproduct of the 1965 immigration reform legislation, this a vestige of Mid-Sixties social engineering. 

By the sheer force of numbers, these Third World immigrants will change our country into something more like the places they came from.  USA Today reminds us that by 2050, if immigration continues unabated, our population will increase from 300mm to 480mm.  The article points out that the vast majority of that change will come from Hispanic immigrants and their children; in this short time, the Hispanic population will triple from roughly 13% of the population to 40%.

 The famous Numbers USA graph says it all:

Numbers USA Graph

Almost anything is bearable in small amounts; however, by overwhelming and displacing the native majority, mass Latin immigration threatens the identity and cultural integrity of the United States.  You cannot double your population, reducing the natives to a minority in 50 years, and expect anything other than a profound and unpredictable social change.  Judging by the crime explosion and impoverishment of places like East L.A., South Houston, and other meccas of Mexican immigration, the prospects of a favorable outcome are dim.  Instead, we can logically expect lots of Latin Americans by their presence to turn the United States into a place more like the Latin American countries:  corrupt, weak, unstable, violent, and defined by massive inequality between small numbers of rich people and a large class of resentful proletarians. 

Our large middle class and vital institution of civil society have served as buffers that stabilized the limited government and free market traditions of America.  They find no parallel in any part of the Third World, and the absence of civil society and a large middle class from Latin America is particularly notable.  Yet our immigration policies guarantee the displacement of our inherited way of life and the rise of this Latin culture, an inferior culture inseparable from its people.

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