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This morning I got to hear the debonair Ambassador of Mexico, Arturo Sarukhan, explain on Face the Nation that he expects more cooperation from the U.S. on stopping the entry of guns into his country and specifically would like to see the renewal of the Assault Weapons Ban.  His demandingness towards the U.S. was typical of Mexican politicians.  I wonder what demands Obama will make for Mexico to change its laws in his upcoming meeting with them.  That’s a joke.  Obama will make no real demands, and instead, like George Bush, will treat Mexico like the super-power before whom we must grovel, and the U.S. as the weak, Third World state that depends on them for so much.

It did strike me, though, that any serious border security apparatus that could stop the flow of illegal aliens and drugs into this country would also likely stop, or at least slow, the flow of guns and other contraband into Mexico.  But this would not be acceptable to Mexico, which has corruption at every level of government and a long tradition of lawlessness coupled with arbitrary state authority.  Mexico, which is many times more dangerous than the U.S., disarms its citizens; like big northern cities in the U.S., the only people who are armed are the government, drug dealers (within and outside of government), and the rich with their expensive security guards.  It is a country very unlike ours with very different traditions, and I think it’s more misunderstood by our elites and our people than nearly any other place on earth.

In addition to misunderstanding our neighbor and its intentions, our elites have no idea how rural America, Southern America, church-going America, and blue collar America–what I like to call collectively “Real America”–lives and thinks.  These are people that work hard and expect to keep their jobs, like their country’s inherited demographics, and really like their guns. It would be political suicide if Obama coupled a push for amnesty with a push for the renewal of the assault weapon ban in his upcoming meeting with Mexico.  Such an agenda would rally social conservatives, including political independents, who were willing to give Obama a chance last November due to the mediocre governance of the Republicans during the last four years.  It is a major mistake for Obama and his supporters to dismiss the Tea Parties and other expressions of populist outrage at the bailouts, big spending, and high deficits Obama has ushered in.  These protests are not simply the impotent rage of a handful of plutocrats, but an expression of widespread surprise and fear at the scale of government expansion under Obama’s rule. In some cases, the protesters may have voted for Obama and are surprised that Obama would enact the big government socialism he so vociferously denied during the campaign.

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