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The US Army has started fielding Multicam (and a version of its own uniform with brown mixed in) in Afghanistan as part of an experiment on whether to switch (again) its uniforms.  The Army adopted its blue-grey ACU pattern in 2003 under the orders of General Schoomaker, which decision ignored tests that the Natick Labs had conducted showing the superiority of several other patterns.  It’s dubious to have a single world-wide camo in any case, but if there is to be such, the ACU (sometimes called UCP) is not it.  A crummy camo is bad for esprit de corps and will get our soldiers killed. There is literally no reason other than inertia to keep this crap camo that was adopted contrary to all of Natick’s testing.

Consider, would you rather be wearing this

Or this

Interestingly, and in a story I did not see much run-up to this decision, but the British have adopted Multicam as well for all of their forces in Afghanistan.  We meanwhile have spent a ton of money to outfit our troops with a camo pattern that failed in tests, is much worse than the woodland/desert combination of uniforms that it replaced, defies common sense (are woods blue?), costs lives, and hurts army morale.

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