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Most of the difficulties in resolving the illegal immigration problem are self-imposed. Securing a border is easy enough; fences have been around since before the time of Christ, as demonstrated by the Great Wall of China. Further, immigrants generally look, act, and speak differently than American citizens. A Vdare reader makes the point pretty cleverly:

It should be obvious that a National ID is merely a red herring proffered by those who would rather not enforce our immigration laws.

Most Mexican illegal aliens carry what is the equivalent of biometric ID: they have brown skin and they don’t speak English.

Any four-year-old can spot the unassimilable kind of illegal alien. The problem is not that we’re unable to identify them but that our masters in Washington choose not to remove them.

Speaking for myself, I am not opposed to National ID in all circumstances, but I am certainly very wary of it. We should at least exhaust tried and true common sense means of protecting the border and enforcing immigration laws before scuttling the rights to privacy and anonymity that ordinary Americans have long cherished. There’s no reason to adopt “comprehensive” and invasive solutions when ordinary ones will get us 90% of the benefit that we are seeking.

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