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Just as the left often said Bush “misled” the country into war, which confused whether or not he was lying or merely mistaken, the left also seems to confuse those who resort to political violence from those who are merely pissed off.  Bill Clinton remembered the Oklahoma City Bombing by describing the lone wolf terrorists as follows: “On that April 19, the second anniversary of the assault of the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, deeply alienated and disconnected Americans decided murder was a blow for liberty.”  That’s an interesting description, “Americans,” or, more precisely, “deeply alienated and disconnected Americans.”  Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols were certainly that.  But isn’t a term like “nut jobs” or “crazy terrorists” or “malevolent psychopaths” more appropriate?  Would anyone describe Mohammad and Malvo, the DC snipers, as “disconnected Americans.”  Or Lee Oswald?  But, for Clinton this is a natural usage.  They’re part of an entire cohort, which includes everyone from Rush Limbaugh on down.  And the whole group of alienated, small government conservatives is thus tarred with the same brush, even though few on the right had kind words for McVeigh, unlike Muslim and leftist leaders’ words for Iraqi “freedom fighters” or the bombers of the Weather Underground.

The biggest antidote to right wing crazy extremists–of which there are some inclined to violence, no doubt–is the absence of provocations that are also unjustifiable for many other reasons.  A government that aims to remake society, demonize the majority, threaten Christians and their means of self defense, while preventing them from making a decent living through affirmative action and free trade is asking for trouble.  But Obama, like Clinton, sees a million reasons to appease Muslims and other foreigners, while finding no reason not to clamp down on his home grown enemies, whom he finds alien and despicable, more alien and more despicable than the Muslim fundamentalists around whom he was raised in Indonesia and with whom he shares an alienation from America’s white, Christian, conservative majority.

Obama, like Clinton, will create the very right-wing violence (real and imagined) that a softer touch and greater respect for their way of life and their tresaured Constitution would prevent.

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