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Pinochet gets a lot of criticism among liberals.  Why?  Well, he killed a few thousand communists extra-judicially to avoid the mass murder of several hundreds of thousands (or more) that has proceeded from every communist revolution worldwide.  And, in the process, he reformed Chile’s economy from the typical Latin American “great man” national socialism of such varied leaders as Peron, Chavez, and Castro to a market-style, limited government regime, with privatization of social security and consistent economic growth.  In the process he secured the fiscal health and economic independence of ordinary Chileans, creating the foundation for a growing middle class, which ultimately lead to the end of military rule through a peaceful election in 1989.

Jose Pinera, Chile’s former labor and social security minister, today explains why the US is now headed towards the bankruptcy all too typical of South America unless it follows Chile’s lead, a lead based on American-style free market principles and the insights of the Chicago School of Economics.

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