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The Obama cult is worrisome.  It has a different feel than historical American respect for the office and partisan enthusiasm for one’s side.  Obama’s lack of self-awareness doesn’t help, nor does the excitability of his worshipers.  Among other things, he’s had reverent videos made in his honor, allowed the self-important Greek columns at his Denver acceptance, and gave the recent directive for the NEA to produce propaganda in favor of his agenda. Who knew socialist realism would be reborn in the United States?

Now, it turns out he’ll be giving a speech to students nationwide in a few weeks. Apparently, the students are being encouraged to write letters about “how they can help Obama.”  This is weird stuff.  I don’t recall anything like it in my entire life.  It is reminiscent of the youth-indoctrination of authoritarian regimes.  But this exercise has become typical of this presidency, where the leader is unusually immune from criticism, quick to accuse opponents of bad faith, indifferent to historical American norms and traditions, attracted to expanding government, and eager to remake America into something different from what it has been until now.

* Painting above based on Soviet socialist realism classic, “Roses for Stalin.”

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