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America does nice things all the time all around the world, and we are rewarded with contempt, hatred, and hostility.  We are like the “Nice Guy” who gets to be alternately a sucker and an emotional punching bag, while the “Bad Boys” get to do what (and whom) they want. 

Today, an Albanian Muslim terrorist was arrested in my neck of the woods. He’s from Kosovo, a criminal neighborhood that the Serbs were cleaning up until NATO decided to align with the Albanian terrorists in 1999 and bombed the hell out of the Serbs.  The false pretenses of the war were soon exposed; indeed, they were many times flimsier than the WMD claims in Iraq.  But it’s all down the memory hole now.
Thanks to American airpower, these Albanian clients run prostitution and drugs through the Balkans with little interference.  Even their criminal leader Hacim Thaci  is in on the act.  Sometimes we get to harvest the fruits of their civilization, as in today’s terrorist bomb scare in Tampa.  One of the worst consequence of Humanitarian Wars is that we often get a flood of refugees, even though these wars themselves are supposed to render fleeing from atrocities obsolete.  We have Somalis, Haitians, Palestinians, Egyptians, Kurds, Iraqis, and every other people from the planet Earth living here on various asylum and refugee visas, often engaged in menial work at best and criminal terorrism at worst. We stupidly think the Muslim newcomers will be greatful for us “helping them” or for being exposed to our wonderful way of life, but let’s look at the record.  We’ve helped them in Afghanistan it the 80s, in the entire Israeli-Palestinian peace process, today in Egypt and Afghanistan, yesterday in Somalia and Kuwait and Kosovo, and it makes no difference.  We are hated.  And sometimes we are killed.  Let’s not forget Mohammad Atta and Khalid Sheikh Mohammad both spent a lot of time in the West.  They hated the place too.  Sami Osmakac’s ingratitude and hostility is not new. 

Of course, not all Muslims are terrorists.  Indeed, the vast majority are not.  But Muslims are probably 100X more likely to be terrorists. When they’re not terrorists, they often obfuscate and make excuses for terrorism.  They often are hostile to our country, even if they are nonviolent and do not formally endorse terrorism.  Their marginal contributions to our collective life make their presence in our country a luxury (and more like a liability) that we simply cannot afford.  Indeed, when the US acted tougher–as in bombing Libya to smithereens in 1986–its tough and unapologetic actions have paid much better dividends than our Nice Guy routine today in Iraq and Afghanistan.  And when we acted tougher at home, such as in our rough treatment of Japanese and German agents and supporters in World War II, we found relatively little sabotage and domestic terrorism.

To deal with militant Islam we don’t necessarily need to do any favors for Muslims in Muslim lands.  But whether we shoudl be activist or isolationist, we certainly don’t need to add to the Muslim threat at home by inviting “refugees” and others from the most alien and hostile civilization on earth.  We must live in reality to remain an independent nation, just as we must learn about and master reality to live as self-respecting individual men.

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Horror Show in Kosovo

I’ve been critical before of the US intervention in Kosovo.  Unfortunately, for most Americans, this ill-advised venture has gone down the memory hole. For neoconservatives, it represents the beneficient application of US power.  For more liberal types, it was overshadowed by the alleged injustice of Iraq.  The later revelations of made-up Serbian genocide, the albanian destruction of churches and monastaries, and the NATO/Albanian mistreatment of the Serb minority have raised few eyebrows in the West.

Rumors of serious crimes by Hacim Thaci’s regime have persisted for years, mostly of the drug-dealing and women-trafficking variety.  I’ve heard here and there of “organ trafficking” but it sounded beyond belief, as well as being supported by scant evidence. Now it turns out not only may this be true, but that major international investigators have exposed the likelihood that human beings were deliberately murdered and their organs harvested by the Albanian regime that has been so strongly supported by the US:

Council of Europe investigator Dick Marty has defended his report on organ trafficking in Kosovo and Albania, saying his draft report is aimed at encouraging the search for truth.

Marty’s report, which was unveiled this week following a two-year investigation, accuses former commanders of the Kosovo Liberation Army of organizing organ-trafficking after the conflict with Serbian security forces ended in 1999.

Speaking at a press conference in Paris on December 16, Marty said what shocked him about the findings was that “most of the facts illustrated in this report were known by many institutions and that people kept silent about these facts.”

“I don’t think one can build the future of a country without working toward truth and without working on memory,” Marty stressed. “There will never be peaceful coexistence between the different communities if we continue to pretend not to know.”

Expect exactly nothing in the way of serious moves by the US to reorient our policy in the region.  Since the early 1990s, thanks to CNN, the Serbs are considered the bad guys, and no facts seem likely to change this prejudice, whether the 1995 Croation blitzkrieg and ethnic cleansing of Krajina or the latest news of Albanian savagery from Kosovo.  For reasons that call for more explanation, the US has maintained a pig-headed anti-Russian/anti-Orthodox bent to its foreign policy since the end of the Cold War and in spite of our natural alliance in the face of Muslim extremism whether in Iraq, Chechnya, or Newark, New Jersey.

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