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Perhaps it’s not that surprising when a clearly schizophrenic gunman kills a bunch of people, including a Democratic Congresswoman, the “mainstream” leftist media immediately describes him as merely “alienated” and the result of an atmosphere of “bigotry.” Where are these powers of generalization when all-too-common Islamic terrorism occurs?  Or black on white crime?  Or immigration-fueled gang violence?  Why in those cases is everything sui generis? Why in those more common cases, where reliable patterns have emerged, are we warned not to jump to conclusions about motives nor to demonize whole communities?

On the other hand, when a nutjob loosely affiliated with one of the two major political factions in this country, in that case, we can draw connections of beliefs and actions and demonize half the country in the process.

The liberal frenzy to find a Tea Party angle to the Tuscon mass murder is only made more ridiculous because this man many equally be said to be “left wing,” not least for his self-satisfied flag-burning demonstration on You Tube. The whole farcical reaction by the left is reminiscent of the 1960s-era desire to paint the Communist Lee Harvey Oswald as a tool of shadowy right-wing forces.

Seriously, the Arizona shooter wrote, “You shouldn’t be afraid of the stars. There’s a new bird on my right shoulder. The beak is two feet and lime green. The rarest bird on earth, there’s no feathers, but small grey scales all over the body. It’s with one large red eye with a light blue iris. The bird feet are the same as a woodpecker. This new bird and there’s only one, the gender is not female or male. The wings of this bird are beautiful; 3 feet wide with the shape of a bald eagle that you could die for. If you can see this bird then you will understand. You think this bird is able to chat about a government? I want you to imagine a comet or meteoroid coming through the atmosphere. On the other hand, welcome yourself to the desert: Maybe your ability to protest is from the brainwash of the current government structure.”  This is neither right, nor left.  Even if it were more one than the other, taken as a whole, it’s self-evidently the meaningless blather of a man that has completely lost his mind.

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Immigration Lawsuit

The new Arizona law is “controversial” in a very typical way: it is immensely popular with everyone other than the elites in Washington D.C.  Obama is throwing down the gauntlet by challenging it in court claiming, among other things, that it is “preempted” by federal law.  But this is an unusual argument; preemption normally means either (a) the federal government exclusively gets to enforce the law because it is highly technical and balances competing interests (as in the case of ERISA) or (b) the state law interferes with or makes impossible compliance with the federal mandate.

In a typical criminal law situation–whether the Assault Weapon ban, drug laws, civil rights laws, or the like–states are free to make laws more stringent than federal laws.  More important, it is unthinkable that a spy, an interstate kidnapper, the owner of an illegal machinegun, or a drug kingpin would be let go, lest the state’s law enforcers “interfere” with federal law by finding the breakers of federal law and terming them over to the feds.  Indeed, one of the arguments the federal government is raising in its suit against Arizona is that turning over all these deportable people will tie up the feds by requiring them to set in motion deportation proceedings against these people.  In other words, Arizona will force the feds to do what they have been reluctant to do and have only done selectively despite their mandates under federal immigration law.

There is no doubt the federal government for many years has under-enforced immigration laws and has no real intentions to get serious about enforcing them.  When a state busts someone and holds someone for violating federal law, this is not seen as a bad thing in nearly any other context. But Obama is taking a stand on the unpopular side of this issue, the side that dissolved Bush’s support among a great many Republicans, and this may be Obama’s undoing.  The fact that the argument’s legal premises are somewhat laughable and defy common sense only reveals the fraud that is “tightening up the border” under Obama.

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There is much worry over Arizona’s new law.  We’re told it’s racist and mean and will lead to profiling.  But the law is neutral:  it deals with illegal aliens wherever they’re from.  Opponents implicitly are saying (a) there are a great many illegal Mexican immigrants (which there are, of course) and (b) comparatively few that are white and European (which is also true).  But if there are many illegal Mexican immigrants, and so few others, maybe profiling is not such a bad thing, insofar as it yields a serious advantage to law enforcement. It’s not every crime whose perpetrators conveniently look differently from 90% of the native-born population.  Of course, there is admittedly some burden on native-born and otherwise legal Hispanics.  But the reality is that it should take two seconds for the average cop to distinguish an illegal Mexican immigrant and a legal resident, not least through some combination of paperwork, language skills, and appearance.  Mexican Americans look and act quite differently from illegal Mexican immigrants, believe it or not.

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Whose Team Are You On?

The recent legislation in Arizona is a good opportunity for American-born and naturalized Hispanics to show if they’re loyal to this country and care about its welfare, or, alternately, if they are what their spokesmen describe:  an insular, self-interested, foreign group with the spirit of a colonizer, resentful, angry, contemptuous of, and alienated from the native-born majority.

Ruben Navarette asks, “This law is a reality check for all Latinos. It’s a helpful reminder that — as hard as we work, as much as we accomplish and progress — we are, by virtue of skin color or accent or Spanish surname, still on probation as far as some people are concerned. And we will be for life.”

Well, yes, that might be partly be true.  Of course, that’s true of any law enforcement measure where one group is disproportionately offending. There’s another dimension to this issue that’s not true for Chinese or British immigrants: we share a very long border with a Third World nation that has no respect for our sovereignty and that has sent literally millions of poor, illegal, and highly visible Mestizos into our majority-white country for the last 40 years. And, worse, many native-born Hispanics identity with, socialize with, marry, harbor, and protect these illegal aliens that do so much harm to our country.  As is typical for our multicultural age, Navarette and other immigrant activists ask for the right of his coethnics to insult us and be disloyal, while complaining about the natural consequences of such behavior for those Hispanics that are loyal and of legal status. By dint merely of living here, they want all the rights of other Americans, even as they show so little willingness to make any sacrifice for the common good.  Their ethnic and tribal good always comes first.  God forbid they say, as some South Asian Americans have with regard to terrorist profiling, “Search me first and leave grandma alone.”

I also think his chicken-little worries are over-stated. Any Hispanic legally in this country can probably get out of any trouble from this law through a few simple steps that nearly all native-born Hispanics can accomplish:  knowing English, having a driver’s license, or having a social security number that matches their name.  If these things are not in order, you cannot expect not to be confused with what you appear to be:  a non-American.  There is a price to living off the radar or not knowing English.  Why shouldn’t this be?  This minor imposition is a far cry from the “papers please!” melodrama invoking the internal passport regime of the former Soviet Union. There is post-arrest due process in America, and there is already a duty under federal law of legal immigrants to have their immigration papers upon them.

Arizona is bringing an issue to a head that is the albatross of the multicultural Democratic party.  It does more to unite diverse American whites than any other issue.  And why?  Because native people at every level of American society know that the recent influx of a huge number of low skill, unassimilated, and excessively proud Hispanics from a neighboring and unsuccessful nation is a formula for significant internal change, decline, and disempowerment. Good for Arizona for doing the obvious in these circumstances.  And good for Arizona for letting the rest of us see how Mexican chauvinism interferes with the ability of these largely recent arrivals to care about the common good.

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The Real Haters

Arizona recently passed a law designed to address the continuing problem of illegal immigration.  It strikes me as a perfectly reasonable attempt to leverage the eyes and ears of local enforcement to address the open and notorious scandal of America’s colonization by Mexicans and other Latin Americans. 

The elites of the Obama administration, the media, and various Hispanic chauvinist organizations are all predictably aghast.  As in the case of gay marriage, whenever the ordinary people of America are given a chance to speak up on controversial social issues, they almost invariably disappoint the elites.  These elites, in turn, react with the thinly veiled contempt they hold for ordinary Americans of a conservative bent.  The only reason any working class white Americans vote for Democrats is their justifiable suspicion of corporate America.  But beyond that the Democrats have a shakey coalition, where the vast majority of Americans oppose key parts of their program.

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