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Birth Certificate Released: Was That So Hard?

Obama took two seconds to do what he should have done years ago:  produce a certified copy of his original birth certificate.  Why is this such an affront?  It is only an affront to those who think it is “racist” and mean to ask tough questions of the man with the most powerful gig on earth.  Well, buck up Obama and friends.  That’s how it goes.  Was it mean when Bush’s National Guard Records or Dick Cheney’s 20 year old DUIs were dug up? No, that’s just life.  

Obama cruised through an election in 2008 with minimal inquiry into his sordid past, i.e., hanging out with terrorists, community organizing, a nutty racist church, minimal credentials, no record of achievement and scholarship.  The “Birther” mythology fits into deeply rooted and perfectly reasonable concerns that this guy, who seems so dead set on weakening America, is an alien in spirit, if not in fact.  It’s analogous to the Black Helicopter mythology around Clinton or the 9/11 Trutherism that dogged Bush:  looney, but revealing of deep seated anxieties.  Good for Donald Trump, strange as he is, for asking questions in a persistent way that need to be asked.   In doing so, he exposed Obama as a liar, as he said all along he’d released these documents, and then this, the rela document, comes along. 

The next stop is this guy’s dubious academic credentials.  While it’s clear Obama is not a total moron, he is not nearly as smart as his degrees suggest.  Obama’s mediocre unscripted speaking and turgid, uninspired writing suggests he’s a lightweight.  And, lest we forget, so does his haphazard and incoherent leadership as President!!!  While his record is what matters most in the next election, the media’s duplicity and professional negligence in his first election matters too, if, for no other reason, than perhaps this will get them looking at Obama and his confused decisionmaking a little more closely if for no other reason than to prevent the Donald Trumps and Glenn Becks of the world from getting a scoop.

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I’ve mostly avoided the birtherism issue.  It sounded fanciful, and I haven’t looked into it until recently.  But here’s a question: why hasn’t Obama released his long form birth certificate?  And why, after much fanfare,  has Gov. Abercrombie stated that it may not be there?

It seems to me that we need not go into full blown conspiracy mode to acknowledge that there are several possibilities of varying degrees of probability.  One possibility is that it never existed.  Obama was midwifed on Hawaii or elsewhere, and his mother or grandparents reported his birth directly to the Department of Health.   Perhaps, he figured it was better  not to show the shoddy records, which could not be verified other than believing either his deceased mother or grandparents.

Two, his birth certiciate indicates his parents weren’t married, which might be embarrassing.  After all, his father had multiple wives, his mother was only 17 when she was pregnant, and he quickly disappeared after Barack’s birth.

Three, his birth certificate indicates something else embarrassing, like a social disease, or perhaps something intended not to be embarrassing, but which has become so:  classification not as “Negro” but as Caucasian or Polynesian (at his mom’s direction), and this is also embarrassing considering his self-obsession with his black background.

Or, least likely but most politically damaging, he really was born in Kenya, and is now on a train he can’t get off.

While Obama has produced a “short form” Certificate of Live Birth from the Hawaii Department of Health,   Obama has not released his long form certificate.  It would look something like this.  No one has seen it.  The governor implied this week it may not be in the archives.  And these are objective facts.  Obama and the complicit media’s failure to sort this out with full disclosure (as too with his transcripts and much else) leads to understandable suspicion of his background and, it would seem, needless chatter and distraction.

Perhaps Obama wants its this way, a stalking horse to distract his opponents and make them appear nutty.  That said, if he really wanted to dispose of this mess–as he said he wants to and as his ally Gov. Abercrombie has attempted–that long form would be released, and it has not. This is not conspiracy talk; this is the situation Obama himself has created.  And it is reasonable to assume something is being hidden by his refusal to release all kinds of records from his recent and not-so-recent past.

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