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During college, I took the dominance of feminism somewhat for granted.  It was very much part of the landscape both on campus and beyond.  What I have since come to appreciate is the way that conservatives capitulated to it.  I distinctly recall a class on Edmund Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution in France in the early 90s.  The professor–the estimable Ed Rosenheim, WWII veteran and all around great guy–asked specifically what Burke meant when he spoke of a “manly, moral, and regulated liberty.”  My classmates and I referenced Aristotle’s discussion of the natures of animals, men, and gods.  There was the familiar distinction of liberty and license.  After all this, the professor was somewhat amused; what good boys we all were.  (I think the class consisted entirely of men, in fact.)  None considered that “manly” might be distinguished from “womanly.”  And that “womanly” might be pejorative, as in hysterical, emotional, and weak.


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An excellent hatchet job on his third wife in Vanity Fair. I don’t necessarily think a divorce disqualifies someone from public office. But three marriages looks like someone who has some major character problems. Some of these have become more clear in recent weeks. Namely, Giuliani cannot keep his relationships from interfering with his official responsibilities. And his wife is not making it any easier. Only someone utterly without judgment would behave, as he does, taking calls in the middle of speeches and letting his new wife alienate him completely from his children and his loyal supporters. No Republican with even an ounce of conservatism can seriously vote for this pro-gun-control, pro-immigration, and pro-abortion candidate, who also has a personal life that reflects the faults of his age. The fact that he walked around New York and looked important after 9/11 is picayune compared to this rap sheet.

The article is worth reading in full. It is ultimately a disturbing tale of how ambition manifests itself in someone who wants above all to “be somebody” and whose chief asset is good looks and the ability to manipulate a powerful man . . . rather than brains, hard work, social grace, virtue, or the like.

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