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There is much worry over Arizona’s new law.  We’re told it’s racist and mean and will lead to profiling.  But the law is neutral:  it deals with illegal aliens wherever they’re from.  Opponents implicitly are saying (a) there are a great many illegal Mexican immigrants (which there are, of course) and (b) comparatively few that are white and European (which is also true).  But if there are many illegal Mexican immigrants, and so few others, maybe profiling is not such a bad thing, insofar as it yields a serious advantage to law enforcement. It’s not every crime whose perpetrators conveniently look differently from 90% of the native-born population.  Of course, there is admittedly some burden on native-born and otherwise legal Hispanics.  But the reality is that it should take two seconds for the average cop to distinguish an illegal Mexican immigrant and a legal resident, not least through some combination of paperwork, language skills, and appearance.  Mexican Americans look and act quite differently from illegal Mexican immigrants, believe it or not.

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