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Lying Eyes makes a good point on how conservatives do (and to some extent must) pull their punches:

[T]his is the quandry the right finds itself in – it cannot communicate its message to voters since the message itself is verboten. And so it must rely on proxy arguments that don’t necessarily make a lot of sense. For example, proclaiming loudly and forcefully to be against illegal-immigration, but all for legal immigration. But when the left counters with “Then why not just declare them legal – problem solved” – the conservative is left sputtering about rule-of-law. His real argument – that the Hispanic population is simply too large and we can’t afford as a nation to allow it to continue to grow rapidly – must be muted, as making this argument will lead to his banishment from public discourse. Why? Because any venue that hosts this argument will be immediately subject not just to a withering public flogging, but to boycott by sponsors and anyone associated with the host.

What is the solution?  Well, perhaps part of is pushing the conversation, bit by bit.  Another part of the solution is to recognize that the right is indeed right.  And, not only that, but its views are popular. Look at the wild success of Fox News in the formerly moribund world of the Three Big Networks and CNN.  Look at the ability of right-wing bloggers to maintain a growing audience.  Notice the huge popularity of Church, talk radio, and the like.  Finally, look at survey data.  Yes, some is dispiriting, but, contrary to the globalization crusaders at the Wall Street Journal, it’s probably more accurate to say the country is economically liberal (or moderate) and socially conservative, than the fashionable, semi-libertarian opposite viewpoint.  Indeed, real conservatives are seeing more and more that the big companies and banks are the biggest welfare queens around, while they struggle to make mortgage payments and send their kids to overpriced universities.

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