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Horror Show in Kosovo

I’ve been critical before of the US intervention in Kosovo.  Unfortunately, for most Americans, this ill-advised venture has gone down the memory hole. For neoconservatives, it represents the beneficient application of US power.  For more liberal types, it was overshadowed by the alleged injustice of Iraq.  The later revelations of made-up Serbian genocide, the albanian destruction of churches and monastaries, and the NATO/Albanian mistreatment of the Serb minority have raised few eyebrows in the West.

Rumors of serious crimes by Hacim Thaci’s regime have persisted for years, mostly of the drug-dealing and women-trafficking variety.  I’ve heard here and there of “organ trafficking” but it sounded beyond belief, as well as being supported by scant evidence. Now it turns out not only may this be true, but that major international investigators have exposed the likelihood that human beings were deliberately murdered and their organs harvested by the Albanian regime that has been so strongly supported by the US:

Council of Europe investigator Dick Marty has defended his report on organ trafficking in Kosovo and Albania, saying his draft report is aimed at encouraging the search for truth.

Marty’s report, which was unveiled this week following a two-year investigation, accuses former commanders of the Kosovo Liberation Army of organizing organ-trafficking after the conflict with Serbian security forces ended in 1999.

Speaking at a press conference in Paris on December 16, Marty said what shocked him about the findings was that “most of the facts illustrated in this report were known by many institutions and that people kept silent about these facts.”

“I don’t think one can build the future of a country without working toward truth and without working on memory,” Marty stressed. “There will never be peaceful coexistence between the different communities if we continue to pretend not to know.”

Expect exactly nothing in the way of serious moves by the US to reorient our policy in the region.  Since the early 1990s, thanks to CNN, the Serbs are considered the bad guys, and no facts seem likely to change this prejudice, whether the 1995 Croation blitzkrieg and ethnic cleansing of Krajina or the latest news of Albanian savagery from Kosovo.  For reasons that call for more explanation, the US has maintained a pig-headed anti-Russian/anti-Orthodox bent to its foreign policy since the end of the Cold War and in spite of our natural alliance in the face of Muslim extremism whether in Iraq, Chechnya, or Newark, New Jersey.

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