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Excellent Video of Russian Navy sorting out Somali Pirates.

America, before the left tried its damndest to destroy our military power with a web of unrealistic rules and regulations and anti-American indoctrination in the public schools, had the same style as these Russian sailors:  brash, contemptuous of the superficial, and willing to mistreat enemies of the human race the way they deserved.  That is the American way of General Patton, Theodore Roosevelt, and Andrew Jackson.

Now we have an entire cottage industry devoted to the world’s worst people at GITMO, even though in no previous war were enemy combatants allowed to interfere with the war effort by getting entangled in U.S. courts that were built and designed for loyal U.S. citizens.

America and Britain destroyed piracy in the late 17th and 18th Century by capturing and killing pirates wherever they were found.  Now we practice “catch and release.”  It’s sad that we have to take our cues from Russia to see how it’s supposed to be done.

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