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While Americans have been asked to look at their wild rhetoric and gun culture in response to Jared Loughner’s shooting spree, the lack of regulation, moral callousness, and ideology of abortion has not been given much attention (particularly by the mainstream media) in response to the Philadelphia infanticide and abortion horror show.  Dr. Gosnell, engaged in late term abortion, often delivering live babies whose spinal cords were “snipped” by him.  His immorality, greed, and utter sickness is evident, not least in his joke that one child he murdered “was big enough to walk me to the bus stop.” I literally can’t imagine what doing this kind of “work” day in and day out does to one’s soul, but clearly it does some very real damage, slowly snuffing out the voice of the conscience, and Dr. Gosnell’s moral vacuum extended to his treatment of these women.   Many no doubt were in desperate financial straits, because of his clientele and field he was largely free of real regulation, he had a bad habit of maiming, infecting, and generally mistreating his cohort of patients whom he was not intentionally killing.

There is something kind of quaint about the pro-abortion side’s ritual condemnation of Dr. Gosnell as an aberration.  After all, the advocates of abortion campaigned mightily to preserve “partial birth abortion” just a few years ago.  And partial birth abortion is no different than what he did, it simply takes place with the baby dangling from the woman’s uterus rather than on an operating table.  Moderns like us love to mock the middle ages, with their chastity belts and indulgences and various superstitions.  But what a cruel superstition that we have, as a society, to think a murder is any less a murder when it’s shrouded  by a mother’s womb, as if the act’s immoral quality were mitigated somehow by where it took place.  Any thinking person knows what is happening behind the curtain is murder, as the moral quality of an act does not change if it happens in plain sight.

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Obama’s increasingly apparent leftism has many marks: unnecessary snubs of our British allies, a penchant for the most indefensible and ideological spending, the hoary politician’s trick of shifting costs to future generations, his incoherence on foreign policy, a lack of moral clarity in dealing with terrorists, and a petty conflation of his critics with a single talk show host.  Obama now has a new addition for the roster: crude dismissals of the entire pro-life position as a cynical political move.

There are many different views on how to approach and limit embryonic stem cell research rooted in one’s view of the relative importance of scientific research, the moral status of embryonic tissue, and the degree to which one believes government should devote funds to controversial projects, regardless of one’s personal views. But Obama today recognized none of the complexity that he acknowledged in the campaign. No, Bush did not allow this research to be funded because of a “political agenda” but the enlightened Obama is here to save science.  What a crude insult! It is nearly as crude as his constant lies about his activities, which insult our intelligence, and his appeals to “common sense” to justify whatever big government flavor of the month he happens to be promoting.

We’ll see how devoted Obama is to pure science based on whether he allows any dissents from the global warming hype or achievement gap nonsense, both politically correct views that have been subject to numerous dissenters, almost none of whom receive mainstream media attention. It’s become increasingly obvious, however, that his campaign acknowledgement of moral complexity and the legitimacy (or at least reasonableness) of his opponents’ positions on life issues is fading, and a new, somewhat tone-deaf ideological character has emerged, the same one that went to Rev. God Damn America’s church for so long, and the same one who penned a tortured paean to his socialist, child-abandoning father.

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