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The Real Haters

Arizona recently passed a law designed to address the continuing problem of illegal immigration.  It strikes me as a perfectly reasonable attempt to leverage the eyes and ears of local enforcement to address the open and notorious scandal of America’s colonization by Mexicans and other Latin Americans. 

The elites of the Obama administration, the media, and various Hispanic chauvinist organizations are all predictably aghast.  As in the case of gay marriage, whenever the ordinary people of America are given a chance to speak up on controversial social issues, they almost invariably disappoint the elites.  These elites, in turn, react with the thinly veiled contempt they hold for ordinary Americans of a conservative bent.  The only reason any working class white Americans vote for Democrats is their justifiable suspicion of corporate America.  But beyond that the Democrats have a shakey coalition, where the vast majority of Americans oppose key parts of their program.

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