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Gov. Blagojevich’s efforts essentially to sell the Obama Senate vacancy appointment are important for a number of reasons. It’s not exactly news that Illinois’ politics is corrupt. But so far the media has exempted Obama from much scrutiny in this regard, in spite of his associations with Tony Rezko, Jesse Jackson, Jr., Jeremiah Wright, Mayor Daley, and the other unsavory figures that make up the Illinois Democratic Party machine.

The scandal also shows that reality has a way of intruding on Obama’s myth of himself. Much of his presidency will not be defined–as was his campaign–by rhetoric, but instead by policies, results, and reality. A scandal like this reminds the public, “Hey, do we really know this guy?” Obama’s lawyerly denials of involvement do not inspire much confidence.

Finally, the entire event raises the legitimate question of what did Obama and his staff know, when did they know it, and did they report it to the FBI. So far it appears they did not actively play the governor’s game. But if they were silent after being asked illegally to “play ball” with the governor, then even if they did not actively participate, the failure to sound the alarm is one step away from a true coverup, a la, Watergate.

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