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Whither the Middle Class?

This rather dystopic picture of the future by Douglas Copeland made an interesting point about the reality of widespread, structural unemployment.  (And this is particularly apparent in Florida, which was heavily over-invested in all manner of real estate related gigs, and is now filled with formerly successful real estate agents, mortgage brokers, construction managers, etc.):

Remember travel agents? Remember how they just kind of vanished one day?

That’s where all the other jobs that once made us middle-class are going – to that same, magical, class-killing, job-sucking wormhole into which travel-agency jobs vanished, never to return. However, this won’t stop people from self-identifying as middle-class, and as the years pass we’ll be entering a replay of the antebellum South, when people defined themselves by the social status of their ancestors three generations back. Enjoy the new monoclass!

Of course, there will be no “monoclass.”  There will be a smallish number of super-necessary specialists, not least in the medical field, as well as not-so-necessary and well-connected government people and probably lawyers too.  The rest will be scraping buy.  It will be more like Mexico and the rest of Latin America, and it will be quite unlike the stable, peaceful and prosperous middle class identity and structure of the America of yesteryear.

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