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This for some reason has become the cause of our time. We’re told it’s getting more and more prevalent.  I personally think the reason is simple:  kids that were once labeled severely retarded are now more and more being called autistic.  It has less of a hopeless ring to it, as if your kid may one day start banging out Bach’s concerto’s on the piano or solve Fermat’s Last Theorem in between sessions of muteness and dysfunction.

It must be very frustrating and painful to have a severely disabled child.  I mean this sincerely.  No one plans for it, and this is especially so among secular, “can do” Americans.  We believe, as a people, that the force of optimism can overcome all.  That all the world’s tragedies are simply problems seeking to be solved.  (Of course, death, our inevitable fate, remains elusive).

And parents of “autistic” children have fallen prey to various snake-oil salesman and con artists, selling magic elixers and poorly reasoned explanations for the “causes” of autism.  It turns out one of the biggest sources of false hope was the belief that this is all rooted in vaccines–which have saved countless lives–and their alleged affects of development.  Surely some other nonsense is around the corner, as if all those diagnosed with autism have a single identifiable disease.  Of course, the mildly Aspergerish science nerd is quite distinguishable from the 16 year old in diapers.

I suspect the cause of many of these defects is genetic, and that as the genetic codes become more readily known, the abortion-promoting “genetic counseling” industry will find more and more imperfect children to terminate.  So, slowly and without much for most of us to witness, our visions of a perfect world, devoid of challenges and problems and imperfect people, won’t become spoiled.  And we, as a people, will become more and more incapable of dealing with setbacks, imperfection, mystery, and the opportunities for grace in the most imperfect of people.

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